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Photos from Stan Sakai's post

Glad you liked our prints, Jazer. I love selecting special images and working on the detail of these snapshots from Usagi’s life for you all…

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Photos from Stan Sakai's post

Last week, I posted a faithful recreation of Usagi’s first appearance on the cover of 1984’s Albedo #2. Here it is again with a comparison of..

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Chibi Time

My wonderfully talented wife, Julie Fujii Sakai, chibified Leonardo’s masterpiece and made it better!

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Usagi Yojimbo Sketched By Stan Sakai (Artists Alley) | SYFY WIRE

Such a fun project to work on with SYFY Wire a while back! Check out my step-by-step drawing session with this creative superfan and watch Usagi..

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#MotivationMonday: When Usagi first became a ronin it was the beginning of all his amazing adventures. But, before his voyage could start, he..

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