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UY Saga #6 tip-in plates

It’s time to sign more tip-in plates. This one is for the UY Saga #6 hardcovers. The art was mostly done with ink and watercolors on 9×12″ 4-ply Strathmore bristol board. The rains were drawn with an opaque white gel pen. They are called “tip-ins” because they are tipped into the book during the binding…

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Usagi Issue #143 Preview Art

Stan Sakai’s latest story for Usagi Yojimbo Issue #143.  It’s titled “Kyuri (Cucumbers)” and is about another encounter with the Japanese mythological creature the Kappa.  The last story to feature a Kappa in Usagi Yojimbo was around 30 years ago!  It was in Usagi issue #6.  If you would like to read the first story…

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