Chibi Zato Ino 2021 Ema Plaque


We will be featuring our first Ema Plaque illustrated by JuSt Sakai, colored by Emi Fujii and handcrafted by Schweizer Craft! As we end a challenging year, we decided to feature Chibi Zato Ino, who is a great reminder that no matter what the obstacles and challenges we face, stay steadfast, maintain course and always remember to find peace and love in 2021. The back of the Ema is reserved for you to write your own prayer/blessing for the new year (but can also be signed/remarqued).  Limited edition of 150 with the option of signatures and RARE Zato Ino x Chibi Zato Ino Head Sketches. $25 and up



* This Limited Edition Chibi Zato Ino 2021 Ema Plaque is numbered to 150.   Item comes unsigned, dual signed, or dual remarqued.  It also includes a twine loop with a small bell to ring in the new year!  This item is not a toy for children.


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Unsigned, Dual Signed, Dual Remarque