Usagi Saga 7 Hardcover Edition (Artist Proof)


Stan Sakai’s wandering rabbit ronin faces his toughest battles yet in this seventh installment of the definitive compilations! This riveting volume includes the stories “Traitors of the Earth,” in which Miyamoto Usagi faces a terrifying horde of the undead, “A Town Called Hell,” wherein Usagi must win peace for villagers caught between two competing gang lords, “Those Who Tread on the Scorpion’s Tail,” which pits Usagi against the notorious Red Scorpions and their shadowy leader, and much more!

Collects Usagi Yojimbo Volume Three #117-#138, and the Free Comic Book Day 2009 story, “One Dark and Stormy Night.”

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This is the seventh installation of the Saga series.  We have a limited amount of Hardcover Artist Proof’s available.

An artist proof is an exclusive number of books that the artist receives.

The artist proofs are all signed.