Usagi Saga 8 Hardcover Edition (Artist Proof)


The eighth volume in Stan Sakai’s prestige Saga collection includes three volumes-worth of storylines: “Two Hundred Jizo”, in which Usagi and Inspector Ishida team up to solve a double murder, help an allied clan protect its honor, and discover the soy sauce business is as deadly as it is tasty; “Thieves and Spies”, where Usagi joins forces with a thief and a samurai to thwart a black-market Ginseng trade, meets a fellow ronin with a few tricks up his sleeve, comes sword-to-sword with a brash European envoy, and escorts a bride-to-be to her fiancé only to uncover a matrimonial assassination plot; and “The Hell Screen”, a thrilling tale that finds Usagi working alongside his natural enemy–a Kappa–to cast out a violent renegade, face-to-face with a deadly Komori ninja who owes Usagi a debt, and teams up once more with Ishida in the midst of an investigation of a ghastly painting known only as the Hell Screen!

Collects Usagi Yojimbo Book 29: Two Hundred JizoBook 30: Thieves and Spies, and Book 31: The Hell Screen

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This is the eighth installation of the Saga series.  We have a limited amount of Hardcover Artist Proof’s available. Please note that the Artist Proof copies will have AP followed by a number out of 1,500. For example: AP 35 out of 1,500.

An artist proof is an exclusive number of books that the artist receives.

The artist proofs are all signed.

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