Sakai Website Numbered Set – TMNT x Usagi JAM Cover Collaboration by Kevin Eastman and Stan Sakai


Two comic set of the virgin variants of Usagi Yojimbo #6 and TMNT #100 from IDW with cover art by both Stan Sakai and Kevin Eastman. These sets are either dual signed or dual remarqued by both Stan Sakai and Kevin Eastman. Each set comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity*. These numbered sets with certificates of authenticity are exclusive to the Stan Sakai website.

*Please note that these certificates of authenticity are signed by an employee of Usagi Studios Inc. and are not dual signed by Stan Sakai and Kevin Eastman.




Usagi Yojimbo #6: In this 35th anniversary month of Usagi YojimboStan Sakai revisits the very first Usagi story, “The Goblin of Adachigahara”, expanding it from 8 to 24 pages and adding new insights into the characters and events, as well as revealing the reason for Usagi’s pilgrimage back home.

TMNT #100: Things have never been worse for the TMNT and their allies, but there’s still one desperate gambit to try if the family can come together in time. Will it be worth the cost? Over eight years of TMNT storytelling have led to this game-changing moment! Don’t miss it!


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Dual Signed, Dual Remarqued