Usagi Saga Volume 4 (2015)


This is the fourth installation of the Saga series.  Paperback Edition.




Miyamoto Usagi’s past comes to the fore in this fourth volume of Dark Horse’s definitive Usagi Yojimbo compilations. First, Usagi attends a duel between his former teacher, Katsuichi, and Katsuich’s rival, and is drawn into a dispute involving a local fencing school. Next, Usagi struggles with the knowledge that his young traveling companion Jotaro is his son. Along the way, Sakai spins classic tales, as the Neko Ninja plot against Lord Noriyuki’s life, fan-favorite character Sasuké the Demon Queller returns, and the manga classic Lone Wolf and Cub is homaged in “Lone Goat and Kid”!

Collects Usagi Yojimbo Volume Three #53-#75!

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