UY 152: River Rising, page 2

I finished the art for UY 152. Here is a step-by-step of page 2.

It was drawn on 11×17″ 2-ply Strathmore bristol, 500 series with a 10×15″ image area.

1–penciled with a 2H 3mm mechanical pencil then the lines were reinforced with an H lead. Lettering lines were drawn in using an Aames Guide with a 3.5 setting (a little bigger than my Groo lettering).

2–Lettering was done with Rotring Sketch Pens Medium and Bold. I generally use Fine and Medium for Groo. The borders were drawn with a 3.5 technical pen. The foreground art was inked with an older Koh-i-noor ArtPen with a very flexible nib.

3–The background–hut, trees and clouds were done with a newer Koh-i-noor ArtPen with a rigid tip. The title was written with a Pentel Brush Pen. Then the entire page was erased.

4–The details were drawn with both ArtPens and the black laid down with the Brush Pen. The rain was added using a white Signo roller ball pen.

river rising 1

river rising 2

river rising 3

river rising 4

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