UY Saga #6 tip-in plates

Saga 6 tip-in 1

It’s time to sign more tip-in plates. This one is for the UY Saga #6 hardcovers. The art was mostly done with ink and watercolors on 9×12″ 4-ply Strathmore bristol board. The rains were drawn with an opaque white gel pen.

They are called “tip-ins” because they are tipped into the book during the binding process. This is an edition of 1500, which means that, with Artist Proofs, Publisher Proofs and allowing for mistakes in binding, I will will have to sign more than 1700 plates.

I used to do an Usagi head sketch with every signature, but that would take a full week to do. With 3 Saga editions along the regular annual UY collection, I would be signing for a full month each year. Now I just do a signature, and it takes less than two days. That’s more time for working on stories.

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